29 JUNE - 13 JULY 2022
KARO 11  October, Moscow
KARO 11 Ohta, St. Petersburg


Kurds are one of  ancient peoples of the world, which has a rich history and original culture, and their struggle for independence goes back centuries. All this is reflected in modern Kurdish cinema, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity not only among national diasporas.  


In 2021, the first international Moscow Kurdish Film Festival was successfully held. It featured Russian and foreign films dedicated to the Kurdish theme. Feature, documentary and short films participating in the film festival, made by directors from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and other countries, were shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.  


The 2nd Moscow Kurdish Film Festival will be held from June 29 to July 13, 2022, with the support of the KARO.Art project, at the official site of the film festival - the Oktyabr cinema center. The official program of the festival consists of a competitive screening and various sections. The screening of films from the competition program of the festival, as well as the work of the jury and the presentation of awards will be from 29.06-03.07. From 04.07-13.07 the films of the festival program will continue to be shown. All films presented in the competition program of the festival and in the Panorama section will be shown in Russia for the first time. This year the festival program will also be presented in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - St. Petersburg.  

​ The Moscow Kurdish Film Festival is beyond politics, beyond religion, and promotes cinema as an essential art form and a significant tool for social change. The festival contributes to the preservation of national identity, the development of the native language and national culture, as well as the opportunity to share their historical and cultural heritage with other peoples living in Russia.  


The festival is included by the Ministry of Culture in the list of international film festivals held in the Russian Federation for 2022.





The main competition consists of feature films.

Nominated for Best Feature Film:

  • ZALAVA (2021, Iran) Director: Arsalan Amiri

  • NEIGHBORS (2021, Switzerland) Director: Mano Khalil

  • LANDLESS (2021, Iraq, Syria) Director: Touraj Aslani

  • DIRTY LANDS (2021, Iraqi Kurdistan) Directed by: Ala Hoshiyar, Reza Alai

  • DANCE OF ALI AND ZIN (2021, Turkey) Directed by: Mehmet Ali Konar


The competition section also includes documentary feature films, documentary short films and feature short films.

Nominated for Best Documentary Film:

  • SIPANO (2019, Turkey) Director: Sinan Yildiz

  • RONAK (2021, Syria) Director: Baver Ogurlu

  • LIFE OF A KURDISH INTELLECTUAL (2021, Turkey) Directors: Ozlem Diler, Celil Badikanli

  • HOLY BREAD (2020, Iran) Directed by Rahim Zabihi

  • HESKIF (2021, Turkey) Director: Elif Yigit

Nomination Best Short Feature Film:

  • VOICES AND LOCKS (2022, Turkey) Director: Ilham Bakir

  • THE OTHER (2020, Iran) Directed by: Saman Hosseinpour, Ako Zandkarimi

  • THE CROWS LAND (2021, Iraq) Directed by: Mohammad Darbandehani

  • NACHIR (2021, Iran) Director: Sabah Gavili

  • KARNIKA (2021, Iran) Director: Meryem Semedi

  • IDO (2021, Iraq) Director: Saman Mustefa

  • I'M RAINING DOWN INTO THE CITY (2019, Turkey) Director: Kasim Ordek

  • I'M TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS (2021, Iran) Director: Nima Abdolazimi

  • BURNING TIME (2021, Belgium) Director: Rasim Asan

  • AFTER THE RAIN (2021, Germany) Director: Beston Zirian

Nominated for Best Short Documentary Film:

  • WORLD OF GARBAGE (2021, Turkey) Directors: Kenan Celik, Enes Oruk

  • LAKE OF HOPE (2021, Iran) Director: Fatemeh Marzban

  • SEVEN SYMPHONYES OF ZAGROS (2021, Iran) Director: Perviz Rostemi

  •   MIRAZ (2019, Turkey) Directors: Aylin Kizil, Lezgin Kani, Serdar Bayram

  • KEY KEY (2019, Iran) Directed by: Saeed Agay

  • KAK IRAJ (2021, Iran) Directed by: Jamshid Farajvand Fard

  • BALORA (2021, Iran) Directed by: Abdolgader Khaledi

  • AFTER DEATH (2021, Syria) Director: Mahmoud Khalil Ahmed

  • 13 THOUSAND STEPS (2021) Directed by: Ashkan Ahmadi

  • MAY 13 (2021) Directed by: Tariq Tofig Kadir





The Panorama section will show films not included in the competition program of the festival.




The "On repeat" section presents several films from the program of the Moscow Kurdish Film Festival 2021 .