Do you want to work with us?

All submitted applications are considered by the Organizers of the Moscow Kurdish Film Festival, who reserve the right to refuse accreditation for valid reasons without explanation.


The number of persons accredited by the company is limited. For each application, the decision is made by the Organizers of the Moscow Kurdish Film Festival on an individual basis.

Accreditation cannot be transferred to other persons.


To obtain accreditation, you must present an identity document, as well as a photo 3x4 cm or 3.5x4.5 cm.

For all accredited press representatives, it is obligatory to post the announcement of the film festival on their resource / group or page on the social network. 


After the event, accredited persons undertake to submit a report on the Moscow Kurdish Film Festival - photos, videos, articles, etc. (in the form of files, archives for download), as well as links to the publication of these materials on the network no later than 20 days after the film festival, unless otherwise agreed with the Organizers in advance.

Obtaining accreditation means that the visitor undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements established by the authorized executive authorities of the city of Moscow.

For accreditation questions:

+7 925 325 46 67

+7 925 275 10 72