Curse of Mesopotamia poster.jpg


Style: Full-length artistic

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Year: 2015

Country: Iraq, Jordan

Language: English

Duration: 91 min

Production: Lauand Omar Productions, Visual K. Production, MENA Film

Director: Lauand Omar

Screenplay: Lauand Omar

Producers: Fekri Baroshi, Khaled Haddad, Julie Honadel, Donall McCusker, Lauand Omar, Jesus Roldan

Operator: Luca Chuti

Music: Ruzbeh Mosleh

Starring: Melissa Mars, Terrell Carter, Karim Saidi, Stacy Thunes

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Lauand Omar was born in 1978 in Damascus, Syria. He grew up in Germany and studied film and television production in Miami, Florida, and Toronto, Canada. In 2005, he wrote and produced his first feature film, the women's rights drama Tears of Bekhal, filmed in Iraqi Kurdistan. The film was the first Kurdish film to be selected at the 2006 Emirates Arab Film Festival, which took place in Abu Dhabi. In 2007-2008, he produced several popular reality shows in the UAE before joining MTV Arabia as a producer. In 2010, he wrote and co-wrote the series Aassas, a supernatural comedy set in Morocco, which was the first series from the region to sign an agreement with the renowned European production company Gaumont France.


Five strangers who share one nightmare. Hell has reincarnated. The Curse of Mesopotamia is the first English-language genre film filmed in the Middle East and played by famous actors from different countries. It is based on the legend of Navruz, about how the blacksmith Kava put an end to the cruel thousand-year rule of the foreign king Zahhak. Navruz is a celebration of the victory of Good over Evil.