Type: Full-length documentary

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2016

Country: Germany

Language: Kurdish

Duration: 104 min

Production: Artistik Film

Director: Ekrem Heydo

Screenplay: Ekrem Heydo

Producers: Ekrem Heydo

Operator: Ekrem Heydo

Music: Mari Avadis, Suleiman Charneva Gultekin



Ekrem Heydo was born in 1973 in Serekanie, Syria. For two years he studied medicine in Latakia. After moving to Germany in 1995, he began studying film at the University of Hannover. Heido found his own style and began directing. Then he continued his education at the University of Dortmund and received a diploma. Ekrem has directed many short films. His first film, Halabja - Lost Children, has participated in many festivals and won many awards, including Best Film and Best Director at the Gulf Awards, and Best Documentary at the Yılmaz Guney Film Festival. The film also won a Special Jury Prize at the Dubai International Film Festival. In 2014, Heido returned to his hometown of Sere Kanie and began filming the documentary My Paradise, which won awards at film festivals.


The director returns to his hometown in Syria 25 years later with a photo of his old classmates. He will try to figure out what happened to all of them after the war changed their faith.