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Type: Documentary film

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2019

Country: Russia

Language: Russian

Duration: 52 min

Production: production company Kinokontest

Director: Tatiana Kiseleva, Vladimir Wolf

Screenplay: Tatiana Kiseleva

Producers: Vilena Artsruni

Operator: Sergey Pashkov, Mikhail Yorkin, Evgeny Kozyrev

Sound engineer: Natalia Pogonicheva




Tatyana Kiseleva was born in 1968 in the village of Sedkyrkesh, Komi Republic. In 2003 she graduated from VGIK (workshop of S. Solovyov and V. Rubinchik), diploma - “Directing a feature film”. Member of the Guild of Russian Filmmakers. Participant and laureate of international film festivals.


Vladimir Wolf was born in 1963 in the village of Andreevka in the city of Snezhnoe, Donetsk region. In 1991 he graduated from VGIK (workshop of V. Valutsky and L. Golubkina), diploma with the qualification "Screenwriter". In 1993 he graduated from the Higher scriptwriting courses. A. Tarkovsky (workshop of V. Frid). Member of the Guild of Scriptwriters of Russia. Participant and laureate of international film festivals.


Nazim Nadirov was born into a family of exiled Kurds and Karachais in South Kazakhstan. Where the plain merges with the sky and abuts the horizon, where empires arose and died, where thousands of nomadic tribes passed. Crossroads man. An ascetic and a dervish, who learned the value of simple things early, a sage and a philosopher who eagerly absorbed biblical truths. For him, ancestral roots and the connection between generations are options with an "important" sticker. And he is one of those who know for sure: there is something that reconciles the past with the present.


  • Film festival of ethnographic films "Crimean frame", Simferopol, 2021

  • Participant of the Russian program of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival,
    Moscow, 2020

  • Laureate of the 1st degree in the nomination "Hero of Our Time" in the category "Professionals" of the VI International Film Festival "Fathers and Children", prize of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia to the hero of the film "For the reverent attitude to the preservation of the traditions of national culture", Oryol, 2020

  • Special prize from the TV channel "Promotion" of the XXX Open Festival of Documentary Films "Russia", Yekaterinburg, 2019

  • Diploma for the hero of the film of the XIII North Caucasian Open Film and Television Festival "Kunaki"
    Nalchik, 2019