Style: Feature film

Genre: Drama

Year: 2016

Country: Switzerland

Language: English, German, Kurdish

Duration: 102 min

Production: Frame Film, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), ARTE

Director: Mano Khalil

Screenplay: Mano Khalil, Michael Sauter, Daniel Kasparis

Producers: Tunje Burns, Mano Khalil

Operator: Revan Raduin

Music: Mario Batkovic

Starring: Manon Pfrunder, Ismail Zagros, Dejin Jamil, Bangen Ali



Mano Khalil was born in 1964 in Qamishli, Syria. In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of History and Law at the University of Damascus in Syria, and in 1987 he graduated from the Film Academy in Czechoslovakia. Since 1988, he began to shoot his first documentaries, such as “My Pain, My Hope” (1989), “Colored Dreams” (2003) and others. “The Place Where God Sleeps” is the only film directed by Khalil in Syria in 1993 about the life of members of the Kurdish community. This picture won first prize at the Augsburg Film Festival in Germany, but after that he and his family were forced to flee from Syria to Switzerland due to persecution. In 2012, Khalil founded Frame Film in Bern and continues to produce documentaries - The Beekeeper (2013), Hafiz and Mara (2018). And in 2016 his first feature film "Swallow" was released, which was filmed in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Young Swiss Mira searches for her lost father with the help of her Kurdish friend Rameau. These two get closer as they travel. However, a dark past and political issues complicate matters.


  • Solothurn Film Festival 2016 - Nominated Best Film